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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Put my Mouth on THIS!

I've experimented with a couple of cheap microphones for podcasting and recording sexy stories for members of my site, and neither of them have created sound worth celebrating. As a result, I've been less than enthused about recording my voice. Recently I got a tip from a friend regarding this relatively inexpensive (less than $100) microphone that's gotten rave reviews from podcasters and singers alike:

buy my sexy microphone

If you'd like to buy it for me, you can do so HERE from my top-twenty wishlist. You can purchase it either as a gift, or if you'd like I can set you up with a six month membership to my site in return. I would really appreciate it as I can't justify spending the money on it when we need new hard drives and other essentials, but at the same time I can't justify making recordings with shoddy equipment which means those who like hearing my voice are really missing out.

If you purchase it and want to get a membership in return, just email me with proof (or include a note when you buy it on Amazon with your email address) and I'll write back with your username and password.

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Buy Me a Laptop, Get a Lifetime Membership



I'm in dire need of a new laptop so I can chat and blog from bed (or maybe even from coffee shops, the way people seem to like to do). I can't justify buying one myself, though, not because it isn't important but because we have so many MORE important things to buy first.

This is actually a great opportunity for someone out there to purchase a lifetime membership to my site for about the same cost as a monthly membership; in effect, you could pay Dell around $22 every month if you buy it on their payment plan.

Here's the bare minimum of what I want:

laptop sugar daddy

Inspiron 1525
IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® Dual Core T2390 (1.86GHz/533Mhz FSB/1MB cache)
2GB2 Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz
Integrated 2.0M Pixel Webcam

Color: In order of preference: ruby red, espresso brown, flamingo pink, midnight blue


If you're interested in juicing it up more, I'd say more memory for faster performance is at the top of my list. Don't bother getting any of the anti-virus programs they offer since they're all resource hogs; I will buy my own that I trust and works properly. Of course, you're welcome to select a more powerful and/or lighter machine: as long as it works, has the built-in webcam and is a pretty, shiny color I will be extremely happy. I will also be extremely thrilled if you buy me a Mac.

Trixie Fontaine
1240 W. Sims Way #7
P0rt Townsend, WA 98368

and email me with proof that you're the one who purchased it and I'll send you your username and password that will last FOREVER!

Again, this is a great deal for anyone who knows he (or she) wants to maintain a membership to my site (actually, you will get network to ALL our sites, including Delia's and AmberLily's) for a long time. Think of it as an alternative payment plan for membership rather than a gift from which you'd get nothing but my appreciation. ;) And you'll get to see me using it, all shiny and red (or brown or blue or pink) in bed with me or outside or in public as I happily clickity clack away on the keyboard. It's almost like a part of you would be seen in public with me! Trixie and the laptop you got her, out on the town . . .

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Victoria's Secret Wishlist

Many guys enjoy shopping for gifts at Victoria's Secret; it's familiar and erotically-charged for them. Despite some challenges with their wish list system, I've compiled a new one especially for you: CLICK HERE FOR MY WISHLIST!

There seems to be a limit to how many things you can put on your list which means I wasted a lot of time compiling a wide array of items that I then couldn't even share on my wishlist. Lame. But perhaps it's all for the best, as now I am limited to choosing to share jut a few that caught my eye. There are heels, sexy dresses, satin panties, and more.

FYI: these are just ideas; feel free to select anything you'd like to see me wearing and shoot for these sizes:

PANTIES: small or medium
BRAS: 34D or 34DD
TOPS: medium
DRESSES/PJ's: small or medium, size 6 or 8 ish (it sort of depends on the cut of the thing).

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Inexpensive Gifts I Love

I love inexpensive, thoughtful gifts. Even things other people would think of as trash because they're free or less than $2. I've made lists like this in the past, but it never hurts to repeat some of my favorite "cheap" things:

*bookmarks (even the free kinds, especially if they offer a window into a fan's location)

*socks (I don't know why ANYONE would complain about receiving socks as a gift!)

*paperback books
, even/especially used ones (I might not read all of them, but I enjoy getting them)

*garter belts (size medium); they're sexy, intimate, easy-to-fit, and I *always* can use more of them in as many colors as possible (vintage WELCOME; Fredericks always has a wonderful, colorful, large collection of modern garter belts -- oftentimes on sale, while other specialty sites are better for finding six-straps, classic & fetish styles, etc.)

Note: if you are inspired by the garter belts to buy a complete set, I like bras that are a 34DD (or 34D) and panties in a small or medium.

*rubber bouncy balls

*UNSCENTED candles

*writing implements

*music (burned mix cd's welcome)


(whenever you're in a department store and feel like making a sweep through the panty section you'll almost *always* find tantalizing bargains; it takes three minutes to buy a fistful of cheap panties and I can *always* use more of them in all different colors or styles; it's impossible to go wrong).


The bottom line is that I do NOT equate low price with low class or poor taste; I am perfectly happy to receive stuff bought on sale, second-hand, or handed-down (when appropriate; I don't want second-hand sex toys or used hosiery, for example, from strangers).

A person will find their way into my thoughts more quickly by sending frequent small gifts than infrequent EXPENSIVE gifts. Of course, a person who send gifts both frequent AND expensive is the main contender, but that in no way makes the inexpensive gifts meaningless.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hot Little Black Gloves

Oh God. Spotting a super-sexy pair of SIZED gloves available in a small almost makes my mouth water:

buy her leather gloves

Sometimes I can't resist buying gloves even though they are too large for me. In this case, I simply can't afford the luxury myself but I WANT them VERY MUCH. I want the leather to be tight and make my fingers sweat. So hot!

I can't help also mentioning that they offer another pair of gloves, with even MORE leather; so much I can almost SMELL it. What a treat it would be to receive one or both pairs of these black leather gloves!! Size SMALL please!

buy me opera length leather gloves

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dalia's Dunyavi Gypsy Dance DVDs

I would love to get Dalia Carella's two instructional dvd's and the cd. Years ago I was able to borrow Volume 1 on VHS from my bellydance teacher to prepare for a little community performance, and I *loved* it.

One of the things I like about the style is that she's researched the dance of the Rom and it's not a style that a lot of people in the dance community are familiar with so there's a little less pressure to try to be fucking awesome at it they way there's all that goth snobbery surrounding tribal fusion, etc. It's an enjoyable way to dance and has a lot of that haughty upright confidence plus a lot of kicking and skirt flipping which is really fun.

It's a very commanding dance style, which is well suited to someone in my special position.

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