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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Put my Mouth on THIS!

I've experimented with a couple of cheap microphones for podcasting and recording sexy stories for members of my site, and neither of them have created sound worth celebrating. As a result, I've been less than enthused about recording my voice. Recently I got a tip from a friend regarding this relatively inexpensive (less than $100) microphone that's gotten rave reviews from podcasters and singers alike:

buy my sexy microphone

If you'd like to buy it for me, you can do so HERE from my top-twenty wishlist. You can purchase it either as a gift, or if you'd like I can set you up with a six month membership to my site in return. I would really appreciate it as I can't justify spending the money on it when we need new hard drives and other essentials, but at the same time I can't justify making recordings with shoddy equipment which means those who like hearing my voice are really missing out.

If you purchase it and want to get a membership in return, just email me with proof (or include a note when you buy it on Amazon with your email address) and I'll write back with your username and password.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gift & Card Video

I'm not expecting many gifts for Valentine's Day, if any, but assuming I do get at least one of them, I will post a video here featuring me unwrapping/opening them and thanking the senders (in a way that protects their privacy, of course, by only referring to them by their first initial or name, if it is a common name, or their online nickname or other preferred way of being addressed).

My birthday is coming up in a month (March 17th) so I am going to make sure I let everyone know how special I want it to be and devote some time on cam and in chat specifically to my sugar daddies. More details to come!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Here's one of my favorite bratty, spoiled, in-charge videos: Kelis doing "Bossy". She perfectly represents the whole too-hot bitch-goddess archetype that fuels a lot of sugar daddy fantasies.

Sorry this isn't embedded here: it's a link to the video on YouTube:

bossy kelis spoiled brat

Kelis, the song and video have that special sound and look that make me drop everything and just STARE at the tv, intrigued, inspired and aroused. Plus there's just enough comedy in it to keep it in the realm of good, clean fun.

I love those sassy little moves she does with her hands.

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