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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gift & Card Video

I'm not expecting many gifts for Valentine's Day, if any, but assuming I do get at least one of them, I will post a video here featuring me unwrapping/opening them and thanking the senders (in a way that protects their privacy, of course, by only referring to them by their first initial or name, if it is a common name, or their online nickname or other preferred way of being addressed).

My birthday is coming up in a month (March 17th) so I am going to make sure I let everyone know how special I want it to be and devote some time on cam and in chat specifically to my sugar daddies. More details to come!

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Friday, February 08, 2008

SO cute!

Another Valentine (or any time) idea:

Ruffled Mesh Chemise

Go for a size MEDIUM in this case. There are also two other color options: hot pink leopard and red/black but the one I posted in the picture is my favorite.

I think outfits are sexy that are made to look as though the top is being pulled DOWN and the hem is being pulled UP, like the fingers of God trying to reach out and sneak a peak.

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