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Monday, November 02, 2009

Sugar Daddy Ken Doll?

Described as the "Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken Doll" I'm not sure if he's Barbie's gay uncle or if he really bought that skirt for her and plans to rub the lotion on her . . . if she'll let him . . . after he walks her foofy lap dog:

Sugar Daddy Ken Doll

There should be a big fat wallet accessory! Oh wait a second, maybe what I thought was a skirt is actually a pair of shorts for him. Apparently he *is* Barbie's gay uncle and all that sugar daddying is going to go to a boy . . .

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Realistic & Veiny

I don't have any good "realistic" dildos, and one (or both) of these would fit the bill perfectly:

I'd probably use the 6" more often than the 8", but I could certainly use a more impressively-sized realistic cock for webcam shows (and on my boyfriend's ass). The "ultraskin" material of a silicone/pvc blend appeals to me, too.

They're on sale right now so I don't know how long that link will last.

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