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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gift & Card Video

I'm not expecting many gifts for Valentine's Day, if any, but assuming I do get at least one of them, I will post a video here featuring me unwrapping/opening them and thanking the senders (in a way that protects their privacy, of course, by only referring to them by their first initial or name, if it is a common name, or their online nickname or other preferred way of being addressed).

My birthday is coming up in a month (March 17th) so I am going to make sure I let everyone know how special I want it to be and devote some time on cam and in chat specifically to my sugar daddies. More details to come!

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Victoria's Secret Wishlist

Many guys enjoy shopping for gifts at Victoria's Secret; it's familiar and erotically-charged for them. Despite some challenges with their wish list system, I've compiled a new one especially for you: CLICK HERE FOR MY WISHLIST!

There seems to be a limit to how many things you can put on your list which means I wasted a lot of time compiling a wide array of items that I then couldn't even share on my wishlist. Lame. But perhaps it's all for the best, as now I am limited to choosing to share jut a few that caught my eye. There are heels, sexy dresses, satin panties, and more.

FYI: these are just ideas; feel free to select anything you'd like to see me wearing and shoot for these sizes:

PANTIES: small or medium
BRAS: 34D or 34DD
TOPS: medium
DRESSES/PJ's: small or medium, size 6 or 8 ish (it sort of depends on the cut of the thing).

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Inexpensive Gifts I Love

I love inexpensive, thoughtful gifts. Even things other people would think of as trash because they're free or less than $2. I've made lists like this in the past, but it never hurts to repeat some of my favorite "cheap" things:

*bookmarks (even the free kinds, especially if they offer a window into a fan's location)

*socks (I don't know why ANYONE would complain about receiving socks as a gift!)

*paperback books
, even/especially used ones (I might not read all of them, but I enjoy getting them)

*garter belts (size medium); they're sexy, intimate, easy-to-fit, and I *always* can use more of them in as many colors as possible (vintage WELCOME; Fredericks always has a wonderful, colorful, large collection of modern garter belts -- oftentimes on sale, while other specialty sites are better for finding six-straps, classic & fetish styles, etc.)

Note: if you are inspired by the garter belts to buy a complete set, I like bras that are a 34DD (or 34D) and panties in a small or medium.

*rubber bouncy balls

*UNSCENTED candles

*writing implements

*music (burned mix cd's welcome)


(whenever you're in a department store and feel like making a sweep through the panty section you'll almost *always* find tantalizing bargains; it takes three minutes to buy a fistful of cheap panties and I can *always* use more of them in all different colors or styles; it's impossible to go wrong).


The bottom line is that I do NOT equate low price with low class or poor taste; I am perfectly happy to receive stuff bought on sale, second-hand, or handed-down (when appropriate; I don't want second-hand sex toys or used hosiery, for example, from strangers).

A person will find their way into my thoughts more quickly by sending frequent small gifts than infrequent EXPENSIVE gifts. Of course, a person who send gifts both frequent AND expensive is the main contender, but that in no way makes the inexpensive gifts meaningless.

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SO cute!

Another Valentine (or any time) idea:

Ruffled Mesh Chemise

Go for a size MEDIUM in this case. There are also two other color options: hot pink leopard and red/black but the one I posted in the picture is my favorite.

I think outfits are sexy that are made to look as though the top is being pulled DOWN and the hem is being pulled UP, like the fingers of God trying to reach out and sneak a peak.

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Valentine Pajamagram?

Now is the time when we're all being bombarded by advertisements to get your someone-special something-expensive, like a diamond engagement ring (to show your love, right?) or . . . a PAJAMAGRAM!

I'm in need of a flattering (yet cozy) robe, so this would do the trick nicely:

sexy red valentine robe

If you're watching me on my spycams, it would be easier for you to see me wake up every morning and don the red robe you got me than it would a diamond ring. In that respect it's a very practical gift, for you AND for me.

If you'd like to make it a matching set, I like the long red gown OR the short set.

A size small would be best.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hot Little Black Gloves

Oh God. Spotting a super-sexy pair of SIZED gloves available in a small almost makes my mouth water:

buy her leather gloves

Sometimes I can't resist buying gloves even though they are too large for me. In this case, I simply can't afford the luxury myself but I WANT them VERY MUCH. I want the leather to be tight and make my fingers sweat. So hot!

I can't help also mentioning that they offer another pair of gloves, with even MORE leather; so much I can almost SMELL it. What a treat it would be to receive one or both pairs of these black leather gloves!! Size SMALL please!

buy me opera length leather gloves

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