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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Victoria's Secret Wishlist

Many guys enjoy shopping for gifts at Victoria's Secret; it's familiar and erotically-charged for them. Despite some challenges with their wish list system, I've compiled a new one especially for you: CLICK HERE FOR MY WISHLIST!

There seems to be a limit to how many things you can put on your list which means I wasted a lot of time compiling a wide array of items that I then couldn't even share on my wishlist. Lame. But perhaps it's all for the best, as now I am limited to choosing to share jut a few that caught my eye. There are heels, sexy dresses, satin panties, and more.

FYI: these are just ideas; feel free to select anything you'd like to see me wearing and shoot for these sizes:

PANTIES: small or medium
BRAS: 34D or 34DD
TOPS: medium
DRESSES/PJ's: small or medium, size 6 or 8 ish (it sort of depends on the cut of the thing).

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