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Friday, February 08, 2008

Inexpensive Gifts I Love

I love inexpensive, thoughtful gifts. Even things other people would think of as trash because they're free or less than $2. I've made lists like this in the past, but it never hurts to repeat some of my favorite "cheap" things:

*bookmarks (even the free kinds, especially if they offer a window into a fan's location)

*socks (I don't know why ANYONE would complain about receiving socks as a gift!)

*paperback books
, even/especially used ones (I might not read all of them, but I enjoy getting them)

*garter belts (size medium); they're sexy, intimate, easy-to-fit, and I *always* can use more of them in as many colors as possible (vintage WELCOME; Fredericks always has a wonderful, colorful, large collection of modern garter belts -- oftentimes on sale, while other specialty sites are better for finding six-straps, classic & fetish styles, etc.)

Note: if you are inspired by the garter belts to buy a complete set, I like bras that are a 34DD (or 34D) and panties in a small or medium.

*rubber bouncy balls

*UNSCENTED candles

*writing implements

*music (burned mix cd's welcome)


(whenever you're in a department store and feel like making a sweep through the panty section you'll almost *always* find tantalizing bargains; it takes three minutes to buy a fistful of cheap panties and I can *always* use more of them in all different colors or styles; it's impossible to go wrong).


The bottom line is that I do NOT equate low price with low class or poor taste; I am perfectly happy to receive stuff bought on sale, second-hand, or handed-down (when appropriate; I don't want second-hand sex toys or used hosiery, for example, from strangers).

A person will find their way into my thoughts more quickly by sending frequent small gifts than infrequent EXPENSIVE gifts. Of course, a person who send gifts both frequent AND expensive is the main contender, but that in no way makes the inexpensive gifts meaningless.

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