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Friday, August 22, 2003

Little Tubs & Jars of Cream

I have always loved lotions and creams. But as I mature my desire for high quality skincare (especially in fanciful packaging) is becoming richer. I would love to have tons of jars and vials filled with gooey, silky, creamy, smelly stuff to gently smoothe into my face, to slather all over my skin. I want to have a skincare regime . . . isn't that what all beautiful women engage in, morning, noon and night? Anti-wrinkle serums, sweet smelling balms, gently perfumed moisturizers, refreshing cooling spritzers, and decadently expensive creamy "bee cum" as one character calls it in the glamorously trashy Hollywood Wives.

I love the early scene in All About Eve when Margo is in her dressing room seated before the mirror holding court while she's smearing cold cream in circles on her face. She doesn't look beautiful at that moment . . . but she's powerful, she's pampered, she's oh-so-tired of it all, she's admired, she's IT. She *is* the queen bee.

The "beauty regime" involves giving yourself the royal treatment . . . because you *have* to . . . for your public. It's part of your job.

The only way to communicate that I am high on the totem pole . . . that it's really a job to be beautiful and that men *need* for me to do my job in order for them to understand their own job in this world . . . is to have the proper tools to do my job. The proper skin treatments are essential tools. Here are just a FEW of the concoctions I'd love to add to my beauty regime:

Nice 'n creamy for my dollface!

It's not always about the product, but brilliant retro packaging to look good among your toiletries.

Ahh yes - this tub says "glamour girl!"

The teeny tiny bottles are the most important!

Yes, you read correctly: it's so expensive because
it's made in a monastary, one tub at a time.
click picture to buy
Mail to: Trixie Fontaine, 1240 W. Sims Way #7, P0rt T0wnsend, WA 98368

This is part of the mystery of femininity eluding men and the poverty-stricken. The closest a guy can get to the little jars and vials full of magic potions is to buy these necessaries for a lady.

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