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Friday, June 13, 2003

I Covet These

Oh please Daddy!! Can I have these? Before summer is over? They're even on SALE!

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Hungry for "Love"

I feel guilty admitting it but I'm so hungry for love. In the form of sweaty wrinkled dollar bills pried from poor bastards who can't resist giving me their last dollar. In the form of thick crisply-delivered from an atm machine stacks of cash from men who get hard blowing their wads on me. In the form of sexy shoes to flatter my petite feet. Pedicures slathering luxury on my soles. Carefully scented skin care products. Fine fabrics draped against my soft feminine skin. I want to look as pampered and perfected as God wants me to be. I want my body to be a temple swaddled in the adoration of men.

I want it. There I admitted it. I want your money. I want your gifts. I want you to take pleasure in surrounding me with trinkets, baubles, so many shoes I need an extra closet. I want a new leather handbag with a smelly leather wallet chubbily padded with your money. I want to show it off when I go to stores . . . show off the money you gave me. Everywhere I walk I'll belong to you just a little bit. And you will own my smile of delight. My comfort. My repose.